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-Promotes hair growth

-Adds shine to your hair

-reduce sagginess in skin

-prevent appearance of wrinkles

-Helps Blood Circulate

-Treats dandruff

-Prevents premature graying of hair

-Curbs hair loss

-Cleans and soothes the scalp.

-Clove oil is a natural conditioner

and helps lock in moisture in the hair

There is a 14 day infusing process before Clove Oil is ready. Clove oil can help prevent premature graying of hair, premature hair loss, hydrate the scalp, and promote hair growth all at once! Our Clove Oil will be sold in a 2oz amber glass bottle with an option of a spray or dropper. Choose if you would like your Clove Oil with a dropper or spray bottle.

Infused Clove Oil for Hair & Skin

$22.00 Regular Price
$15.00Sale Price
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